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Kids Safe Pages

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Pati's Kids Safe pages contain graphics which are safe for viewing for all ages. There are comic strip characters, cartoon characters, modzilla gifs, and many animated graphics. Please advise me if you should ever find anything that you feel is not child safe.

Any Disney or Looney Tunes character gifs are of course trademarked. They are placed here for your entertainment value only.

Please do not link to these pages. If you find a graphics that you want to use on your page, please save it to your computer. Linking back to this page will not only cause delays in loading of your page but may cause problems if I remove or move an image from my site. To save an image to your computer, right click on the image, chose save as from the drop down menu, and save to your computer.

Please return often and check out new additions as they develop. I hope you enjoy your stay. If you have any comments please feel free to email me. If you should find an image that is not loading please let me know and I will correct the situation.

This section updated August 24, 2002. Click here for the newest kids safe animation page.