Pati's Christmas Pages

I have collected lots of christmas gifs during the past few years and put them here for your enjoyment, I take no credit for these graphics. They have been divided into smaller groups to speed up the uploading process. Feel free to copy them to your hard drive. Please do not link to this page. There are next and back buttons at the bottom each page. No matter where you start you can continue through all of the pages by just clicking the next button.

Xara 3D - Download free for 15 days

Santas - Five pages with lots of Santa Claus gifs, including some animation.

Snowmen - Various snowman gifs with animations on two pages. Page 2 includes snowglobes.

Christmas trees - There are two pages with several christmas tree gifs, including some animation.

Miscellaneous Gifs - Various christmas gifs with animations

Bars and Backgrounds - There are two pages with Christmas bars and a page of Christmas Backgrounds.

Christmas Angels and Mangers - A Collection of christmas angel and manger gifs with animations.

Toyland - Elves and toys. A brief look into santas workshop.

ChristmasDecorations - From Wreaths to Bells and Ornaments and Packages. There are four separate pages of gifs, just click next on each page to get to the next page.

Animals - Funny Gifs of animal enjoying the season.

ChristmasVillage - Christmas village items and gifs, lampposts, homes, etc.

Christmas 2000 Images - Lots of new items here and snow globes too!!!

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My 1999 site with images that look like glass! Santas, trees, angels, elves, and lots more!!! Just click on the banner!!

Pati's 2001 3D Christmas Pages

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