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This net ring was created to share the Sensational Globes that fellow artists make. Please feel free to surf our ring. If you have a site with Snowglobes that you would like to add please join us. Please note that "webrings" is a copywritten term owned by the original Webring Service. It is now owned by Yahoo and with the history that geocities and yahoo have with sueing people and removing sites that they don't like for any reason, they may be out scouting for sites that use the term "webring". I have decided to change all my buttons, links and text to read Net Rings to avoid any possible problem in the future. You might wish to do so also..

If you have a site which provides tutorials, links, tubes, brushes, or any help aides for creating snowglobes you are also invited to join our group.

My Netring rules are not many. You must:
  1. Place the required graphic on your server - this will make your page load faster.
  2. Place the required code on the page listed when you join the ring.
    Note: If you have a net rings page, that page must be the one linked. You can easily provide a quick link to your globes on your net rings page.
  3. Keep your page up to date and notify the ringmaster if you move your page.
  4. Avoid the use of offensive graphics on your site. Subtle artistic nudity is okay, but please remember that there may be young children surfing the net.
NOTE: Please notify the net mistress of any site which you find to be offensive and what you feel is offensive. I will review the site and my decision on the appropriateness of graphics will be the last word. Any site found to be offensive will be automatically removed and placed in the que. The site will be given the opportunity to remove the offensive graphics and replaced in the ring. If the graphics are not removed within an appropriate timeframe the site will be permanently removed from the ring.

Please remember that snowglobe images are large in size, these pages frequently take a great deal of time to load. Break you site into smaller pages and if possible use thumbnail graphics which are linked to the fullsize images. I use thumbnails and can assist you in creating and coding the pages. I will be developing a tutorial page and linking it here as time allows, so check back or email me if you need assistance in this area.

This is the way our net ring will look on your page:
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This Sensational Globes net Ring
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You are cordially invited to Join
"Beauty, strength, youth,
are flowers but fading seen;
Duty, faith, love,
are roots, and ever green."
-- George Peele - 1597

You are cordially invited to Join
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