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My graphics collection is rather large and has been broken down smaller pages to speed up the load time.

Xara 3D - Download free for 15 days

My animated gifs are broken down into web site graphics and Kids safe animations. The web site graphics section includes email gifs, web buttons, backgrounds, hints, links, and tools. My general animations are all located in the Kids Page Area. This includes comics, cartoons, animals, Modzilla and lots of cute animations.

I have just started creating buttons, images, titles and backgrounds using Paint Shop Pro and the Blade Pro Plug-in, check out my creations section.
If you need help with your page please check out the hints area or feel free to contact me. If you have a page that offers graphics or html help and would like to place a link on my page, please email me.

If you can't find the graphic you want on my site try Searching here:

I use and recommend the following software:

Graphic Creation Software and Help:
Paint Shop Pro Gif   Flaming Pear's Blade Pro   Paint Shop Pro Users Group Member

Graphic Animation Software:
download Xara 3D - free 15 day trial   GO TO GIF ANIMATOR WEB SITE   Gif Construction Set Gif

HTML Editors:
   Hot Dog Gif

Page Updated August 24, 2002