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This site is graphics intensive and the main page should take about one minute to load. Please be patient, the graphics are worth the wait! In order to cut down on the load time, I have created more that 50 pages of graphics, click on the page of your choice in the box below. I hope you enjoy your visit, please come back as items are added frequently.

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Welcome To Pati's Graphics Page
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Creating graphics for web pages started with a desire to assist my new husband with his website. I then discovered that I really enjoyed creating buttons and finding backgrounds. But I wanted to do more than copy graphics. I started making my own graphics and I will continue to expand my knowledge in the graphics field as time allows. I have used the following software programs in creating web sites. I find them easy to learn and use. Their costs are in the low to moderate range.

Graphics Tools

Paint Shop Pro GifGraphics Created with Paint Shop Pro Paint Shop Pro 5 - Inexpensive and easy to use. You can download a copy of the software and try it for free.

Paint Shop Pro Users Group Member The Paint Shop Pro users group is great and there are lots of great graphics sites with gorgeous graphics. This Online Community is open to anyone Paint Shop Pro. Both the beginner or an advanced user can find something new to help you create. There are tutorials, a message forum, live chat sessions and more.

Flaming Pear's Blade Pro Flaming Pear's Bladepro brings your graphics a step beyond. This plug in can be used with Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop. It is easy to use and there are many sites offering tutorials. They also offer a free trial download of their software.

download Xara 3D - free 15 day trial Looking to create 3D images? Xara is easy to use software that creates great images. This includes many new ways to animate the 3d graphic and allows for various fonts and font sizes in your image. Download the trial version today and experiment with it.

Ifanview - graphics viewerIrfanView is a very fast FREEWARE(for non-commercial use) 32-Bit graphic viewer. You can easily view each of the graphics in your directory and actually see the animation. The software is easy to use, supports most graphic formats, and allows you to crop or resize the image, cut and paste area, increase/decrease number of colors, capture images/pages, and a whole lot more.

GO TO GIF ANIMATOR WEB SITE Want to create animated banners. Gif Animator 3 is my first choice. Simple to use, just create your images and their wizard will put them together in on animated gif and it can also compress the gif's size saving load time. There are lots of build in animation tools.

Gif Construction Set GifThis Animation utility is the first one I used. I often return to use it for animating banners. It is easy to use and you can get a free trial download (Just click on the image).

HTML Tools
Ace Expert 3 - I use this tool almost daily. It has many built in templates, tables are easy to build, frames are easy too. There is a built in spell checker and a html checker. The help menu has great examples and is fairly easy to use.

Hot Dog GifThis software is a little more difficult to use. But has many features that I really like, like easy mapping of images, and easy downloading of a complete site.

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