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This site is graphics intensive and the main page should take about one minute to load. Please be patient, the graphics are worth the wait! In order to cut down on the load time, I have created more that 50 pages of graphics, click on the page of your choice in the box below. I hope you enjoy your visit, please come back as items are added frequently.

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Learning the basics of color and graphic design can be difficult and using HTML to get the graphics on your page to work on the Web can only add to your frustrations. In my quest to get my web pages looking good I have found several sites that provide helpful instructions and tools. The following sites provide information which I found easy to understand and very helpful in getting my page to look better:

Go to tutorials on Web Graphics by PatiPati's Paint Shop Pro and Blade Pro Tutorials and links pages. Tubes, Brushes, Filters, Presets and Tutorial links.

Go to Web Graphics on a Budget Page A great site with free graphics, paint shop pro 4 and pro 5 tutorials, general web site graphics help and a whole lot more.

CyberGlitz provides "a brief, simple,comprehensive explanation of basic color concepts and how to use color on the Internet".

Go to Media Builder Page A great source for tutorials on various techniques for creating graphics with a wide variety of software products.

Go to Scoop County GraphicsLots of HTML hints and links. Also an outstanding assortment of her personal graphics designs and a useful Netscape color chart!!

I have created many Background sets complete with buttons and graphics . . . Pati's Themesets

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